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The NHSTA website is currently undergoing maintenance following its AGM on the 18th May 2011

The New Government
The NHSTA Perspective

The NHSTA believes that the change in government provides an opportunity for a real change in the way the NHS provides its care of the sick. With support from cbd chewing gum uk sources.

The separation from the Department of Health of a separate Department of Public Health will lead to the concentration of resources devoted to the care of the sick not just in hospitals but also in the community

The appointment in particular of Andrew Lansley as Secretary of State and the Earl Howe as Parliamentary Under Secretary in the Lords may well lead to a greater emphasis on care in the community with increasing involvement in secondary care by GPs as well as the use of CBD products such as CBDoils and CBD gum that previously had been provided in hospitals

Such a change will necessitate an increase in the professional competence of future GPs beyond that attained with the present 3 years.

The NHSTA, formerly the APCGT, the Association of Primary Care Groups and Trusts has always supported the expansion of General Practise and in particular that their professional 3 year postgraduate training should be a minimum of 5 years and interchangeable with that of inter-professional MRCP, FRCS, MRCOG etc.

Chief Executive NHSTA

Latest Publications

Healthcare in the NHS - The Way Forward, the 2011 is now available in the publications area.

Focussing on current issues of interest to PCTs, GPs and specialist nurses Healthcare in the NHS 2011 - The Way Forward features a section on developments in telemedicine and telehealth. 

The 2011 printed edition of the NHSTA Directory of Complementary and Alternative Practitioners is currently in production, please contact the NHSTA to obtain your copy

The NHSTA Directory of Complementary and Alternative Practitioners currently has over 5,000 members, currently covering over 28 complementary and alternative therapies including chiropractic, counselling, homeopathy, hypnotherapy, osteopathy, aromatherapy, Chinese medicine, reflexology and acupuncture. NHS Healthcare professionals and the public can access this information at

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The NHSTA has just moved offices, we would like to apologise for any inconvenience members experienced in contacting us during the move.

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Following our change of name and move to new premises we would like to update the records we hold on our member Trusts, could you please arrange for the Membership Update Form to be completed and returned to us.

The NHSTA is not a part of the Department of Health or the NHS.  It is an independent  association of NHS Trusts and accordingly any views expressed by the NHSTA do not represent the views of the Department of Health, the NHS or any other organisation. The NHSTA operates under the umbrella of the Forum for Independent Research in Health (FIRH).
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