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Membership of the NHSTA is free of charge to PCTs and includes a broad range of free services, including recruitment facilities, free legal advice and a range of free publications, including our official annual members' publication "Healthcare in the NHS - The Way Forward ", and "The NHSTA Directory of Complementary and Alternative Practitioners". Many other publications and initiatives are planned for the future.

View the consitution of the NHSTA (APCGT) here... >

NEW - NHSTA Complementary Practitioner Logo Following complaints relating to the unauthorised use of the NHS, NHSTA and NHSTA Directory logos on publicity material and websites produced by member and non member practitioners the NHSTA has decided to make available a complementary practitioner membership logo available for use by members on all such material.
The logo is subject to a strict usage policy which should be carefuly read before using the logo and adhered to at all times.

Download the usage policy...>
Download the logo for use on your publicity material...>

The NHSTA, in partnership with Weightmans solicitors have developed a service level agreement, in line with current legislation, for the commissioning of complementary therapies. Member PCTs and GPs wishing to obtain a copy should email

Open Letter to GPs
The following open letter may be used by NHSTA Directory members who wish to write directly to GPs to inform them of their membership, availability and willingness to work with the NHS via the NHSTA Directory.
The letter is primarily intended to be used by Directory members who wish to inform their local GPs of their membership and provide them with more information about the Directory.
Members may also, if they wish, give it to their patients to show their GPs.

Download the open letter to GPs...>

Any member of the public who is encountering difficulties in obtaining complementary therapy via the NHS and who would like to bring this problem to the notice of their PCT, should write to the Patient Advice and Liaison Co-ordinator (PAL) at the Primary Care Trust.

The role of PAL is a new one. The PALs have been created to act as an interface between the public and the Boards of the Primary Care Trusts responsible for healthcare in their area. If enough members of the public write on the subject, this will help the Boards of the Trusts become more aware of the true level of demand and may lead to funding being made available where hitherto it was not.

It would also be appropriate for members of the public to write to the lay member of their local Primary Care Trust. The lay member is an ordinary member of the public, whose purpose is to represent the local population.

Information on your local Primary Care Trust is available via a link on the patient resources section of the site or your GP. Many Trusts also have websites.

Below is a draft letter that could be used when writing to your local PCT about difficulties you have had in getting complementary treatment.

Draft letter to PALs...>
[please download this Word document by right clicking the link and "saving the target as"]

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Membership of the NHSTA is free to all NHS Trusts, Trusts wishing to take advantages of our services can join by filling out an application form.
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New Location
The NHSTA has just moved offices, we would like to apologise for any inconvenience members experienced in contacting us during the move.

Our new contact details are:



Following our change of name and move to new premises we would like to update the records we hold on our member Trusts, could you please arrange for the Membership Update Form to be completed and returned to us.

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